Born to be Adventurous was inspired by my two little adventurers. I saw how much they thrived in the outdoors and knew that was where my kids should spend the majority of their time.

Annika Mang

I have always had a passion for being active and for all things outdoors. My desire to share this passion with others was a driving force behind my decision to become a high school physical education teacher.

I love to spend most of my time outdoors. Growing up I did a lot of snowboarding, cross country skiing, camping, hiking and also played a lot of rugby. My husband and I have been backcountry hiking and kayaking through Nepal and the Canadian Rockies, and learned to surf in Portugal, Bali and the west coast of Canada.

My passion for the outdoors is deeply rooted inside me. My parents took my brother, sister and I camping every summer in the Rocky Mountains, a 7 hour drive from our home in Saskatchewan. I fell in love with the ocean at the age of 3 when my parents drove us all the way to Tofino for an ocean side camping experience. I still remember the first time I heard the sound of the waves.

Now that I have two kids, an adventurous 3 year old and an active 1 year old, I have taken a break from full-time teaching to adventure, travel and play with my kids as they explore their natural surroundings.

BorntobeAdventurous.com was created as a platform to share and inspire other families to get outdoors and adventure with their kids. I will share stories of my family as we enjoy the outdoors and travel with our kids.

I would love to hear from you. If you would like to collaborate with me please check out the Collaborate with me menu. If you want to just say hi or ask a question e-mail me at BorntobeAdventurous@gmail.com I would love to connect.

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