Gearing up a Toddler for a Cold Winter

gearing up a toddler for winterThe snow has already started to fall in Canada’s western provinces. In Calgary, parents are rushing to outdoor stores and reusable gear shops to get warm clothes for their children. While we might get one last bit of warm weather, there is no denying that winter is going to be here soon. Rumour has it that here in the Canadian Rockies it is going to be a cold and long winter!  To enjoy winter this year be prepared and warmly dressed with these tips!

Layers layers layers!!!

Gearing up your toddler in layers allows you to put on and take off clothes as needed depending on how much they are moving and how hot or cold the weather is outside.

Long Sleeve Shirt

Start with a cotton long sleeve shirt. This will be breathable and soft for their sensitive skin.


Choose a pair of pants that is comfortable to move in while playing in snow pants.


A fleece or a wool sweater is a great option to keep warm in the winter.

Snow pants

For a potty trainer toddler it can be really nice to have a two piece winter suit. Choose snow pants that are waterproof and windproof. Make sure that they cinch at the bottom so that they stay securely on around the boot to prevent snow from sneaking in.

One piece winter suit

If your toddler is not potty trained and you do not have plans to potty train them for another year, I suggest purchasing a 1 piece winter suit. These are easy to get on and off and warm.

winter for kids

Winter jacket

If your child is not allergic to feathers get a down winter jacket. These often are a little less bulky making it easier to move and warm. If your child is allergic to feathers then make sure the winter jacket is waterproof and windproof.


Choose mitts over gloves. The individual fingers make it exhaustingly hard to put on and mitts tend to be warmer. Choose waterproof mitts that go over top of the sleeves on the jacket. These help the mitts to stay on the arm.


A cotton or wool toque that stays on and covers the ears well is best.


A scarf that covers the neck up to the nose and is made of cotton or wool. Make sure the wool is soft and not scratchy to prevent irritation.

By Annika Mang
By Annika Mang
Winter Gear for Toddler


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