4 Essential Pieces of Baby Equipment for the Outdoor Family

Outdoor Baby Equipment

These four items are essential for an outdoor family. They are pricy and expensive so if you cannot get them brand new look around for them used on buy and sell websites/facebook groups. They are often easy to resell as outdoor families are looking for these items so that they can adventure with their families. Please note that this in not a sponsored post.

Hiking Baby Carrier

A hiking baby carrier differs from a regular baby carrier. It typically has more support for your back and the baby sits further away from your body which results in less sweating between the baby and the adult. They often come with a sun shade and small backpack that is attached and sometimes is even detachable. The hiking carrier is great for longer hikes when you want to carry your baby and hiking gear. They are bulkier and heavier than a regular carrier. They vary in price and comfort. Often the pricier ones are more comfortable but the less expensive ones do the trick too.  Some options include Happy Trails Mec Carrier,  Deuter Kid Comfort II Carrier, and the Osprey POCO AG Plus Carrier.

Baby Carrier

These baby carriers keep the baby snuggled in to the carrier and are more compact, and lightweight. They are perfect for short walks around the city and/or hikes when you have someone else bringing all the extra gear. These carriers make it really easy to hike with newborns and young babies as long as you do not have to carry much with you. Some of these carriers let you carry the baby only in front while others let you carry them on the front and back. Front only carriers often are better for babies younger than 6 months old because the back begins to strain as the baby gets heavier. They are nice for cuddles and keeping an eye on the baby while hiking. Back carriers are  often for babies older than 4 months and are easier on the back. Make sure to try on the carriers to make sure they are comfortable. For example a person with a shorter torso might find different carriers more comfortable than someone with a longer torso. Some baby carriers that are great for hiking include the Ergo Baby Carrier, Beco Baby Carrier, Onya Baby Carriers and the Baby Bjorn Baby Carrier.

Jogging/Biking Stroller (Bonus if you have a ski attachment)

A jogging stroller is truly essential for a family that wants to get outside and be fit with their kids in tow. There are a few options and each has their pros and cons. If you are hoping to go on alot of outdoor adventures with your baby and/or toddler I highly suggest getting a Cougar Chariot. They provide a secure, safe space for your kids to ride while either running or biking.  The ski attached is great for cross-country skiing families but is very expensive so if you do not think you will use the attachment often then consider renting a sled if you decide to head out cross-country skiing. The Cougar Chariot can be bulky and takes a bit longer to detach the attachments to put it into the car. If you know that you are not going to bike or ski than you might look into just buying a jogging stoller. Also remember that any jogging/biking strollers that require you to buy attachments separately increase the cost. Jogging strollers can be found on used at a fraction of the cost and Thule Chariot strollers are easy to resell. Some options include Thule Cougar Chariot and the BOB Jogging Stroller. For great reviews on jogging strollers check out baby gear lab.Chariot Jogging Stroller

Warm Baby Suit

A warm baby suit is essential for being able to use the above items in colder weather and keeping warm during cooler nights while camping. Something that is warm but breathable and wicks away sweat is important. A great baby suit can last up to a year or more depending on the size. These types of suits vary in importance depending on how cold it is where you live. Some options include the MEC Toaster Bunting Suit, MEC Ursus Bunting Suit, Columbia Infant Snuggly Bunny and the The North Face Infant Lil’ Snuggler Down Suit.


By Annika Mang
By Annika Mang

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