Big Hill Springs Hike, near Calgary, Alberta

One of the waterfalls along the hike
One of the waterfalls along the hike

Location: Big Hill Springs Provincial Park, 20 minutes from Calgary, Alberta. From Calgary turn right off of HWY-1A  (Crowchild) at Lochend Road/AB-766 N. After about 11 km turn left onto Big Hill Springs Road/AB-567 W. Drive about 3.2 km and turn left onto Range Rd 3A. There is a sign for the parking lot.

Distance & Elevation Gain: 2.3 km loop, 20 m

Difficulty: Easy

Child Carrier Accessible: Backpack carrier, child carrier, toddler friendly

Facilities: Outhouses, picnic tables

Trail Description: The trail is fairly easy to find from the parking lot. From the parking lot walk towards the outhouses and cross the road. The trail starts at the garbage cans across the road from the parking lot. Walk past the picnic tables or stop for a snack if you need or enjoy them after the hike. The trail is rocky, sometimes muddy with tree roots sticking out. The trail takes you past some small waterfalls and over little bridges. The trail starts a small climb up a flight of stairs and then levels out. There is another little climb that takes you away from the water to a look out with a view of the valley with a bench. The rest of the hike takes you along the top of the hills until the final descent down.

Trail Uses: Hiking. Would be difficult to use a stroller.

Our Adventure: 

Hiking on the trail.

This hike was a perfect hike for my toddler to walk on her own. In fact this was the first hike I did with my two and a half year old and my 10 month old without my husband and/or a stroller. I put the 10 month old in my ergo carrier on my back and my two year old hiked it herself. We enjoyed the little waterfalls, hiking up the hills and seeing the beautiful views of the valley.

By Annika

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